Gina H.

I love working with Erin! I call it “working with Erin” because she makes me feel involved in my own healing process, whether it be through facials to help clear up my skin from scars, acne, and general aging, or through massage therapy on my neck and back. My skin has always (since teen years) been scarred to the point that I never walked out of my house without make up. I've come into adulthood without receiving the benefits of relieving my face of acne! However, with Erin’s facials and lactic peels I can proudly say my face is FREE of my worst acne and FREE of even my worst scars! Only mascara for this girl now! (And sunscreen of course!!). Erin is truly a healer. Her massage is incredible. I work at a desk all day and feel all the tightness and soreness that comes with that. But when Erin is done with me, I feel renewed; I feel rejuvenated and all the pain releases. I can’t recommend Erin enough. Every one of my friends and family (and even some strangers!) knows that Erin is a part of my A-Team! Without her, I wouldn't feel so incredibly AWESOME, inside and out!